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NOMAD Lightweight Recreational Power Supply 100AH



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Dual Battery Systems -

Lightweight NMC Lithium Recreational Power Supply for all your 12 Volt Caravan, Camping, 4WD, Marine power needs

NEW Nomad PDU  Lithium NMC (Power Distribution Unit) 

Go a week without the need to charge your unit!!! 
Available in 60ah (7kg) and 100ah (11kg) with 80% plus DOD - Depth of discharge, Don't let the size and weight fool you, it by far provides more power than its AGM/Lead Acid or Gel Heavy equivalent.

Dual Battery systems with punch do not have to be hard wired to the car in a permanent nature limiting your camping options, with the Nomad PDU and its light weight, you can take your power source wherever you like, not confined to the car only giving more camping options 

Perfect for Caravan, Camping , Fishing and 4wd where a high output and long lasting power supply is needed without the weight, cost and size of a lead acid or gel battery.

  • Massive 10amp draw available from "each' of the outputs.
  • Maximum Output at any time 20amp with 80% DOD (Depth of Discharge Minimum)
  •  3 X Ciga Sockets, 1 X Engel, 2 X 2.1mm Jacks, Dual USB outputs.
  • Powered by Lithium NMC, arguably as stable if not more stable than lead acid.
  • Charge Unit by Regulated or Unregulated SolarMax 10amp charge rate.
  • Optional AC/DC charger or trickle charge from car.
  • Dual Screens for ease of operation, how much voltage and how much power accessories are using.
  • MPPT and BMS inside protect the unit.

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